Meet the Gypseekers


Meet the Gypseekers: the Tullius Family


We are three free spirits with a taste for adventure. A few years ago, Erin decided to set about convincing us all to take the ultimate adventure. We’re not ultra-rich or particularly lucky…we simply had a dream and took the necessary steps to make it happen. We hope our story entertains you, informs you, and maybe even inspires you to break the rules, defy convention, and realize your own dreams. Happy adventuring!








Dad. Husband. Chiropractor. Teacher. Writer. I’ve always loved to play and make others laugh. I’m not sure if it is my Leo characteristics or my natural desire to seek truth and knowledge through experience, but I have always questioned authority and what I was suppose to accept at face value.






Writer. Mother. Wife. Reader. Aerial Dancer. Aquarius. Sun Worshiper. Loyal Friend. Health Nut. Meditator. Lover. Daughter. Singer. Sister. Creator.






Son. Joyful Spirit. The perpetual player and jokester. Loves to paint, draw, and tell stories. His Leo qualities sometimes butt heads with the daddy lion and put dad in his place.

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