How long are you traveling?

Our itinerary is booked through January 15, 2013 when we return to L.A. to visit with our families.

Where are you going?

Our itinerary: L.A., Orlando & Sarasota, New York, London (for 30 days we will travel the U.K. and Ireland), Norway (from here, we make our way to Spain…with many stops in between), Italy, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji.

How much stuff do you have with you?

Steve and I each have a backpack. Tyler has a backpack that holds toys, snacks, and a change of clothes. We also have one small rolling bag which holds Tyler’s clothes and miscellaneous things we all use, such as our first aid kit, soap, and food items.

For more info on our gear click the link below.

Are you millionaires?

Whenever I tell people about our journey, I always get this question in some form or another. The answer is no. We have sold most of our belongings, including our home and business, which is one of the ways we have been able to finance our trip. We also work on the road in order to make additional income. Regardless, we believe that just about anyone can do this. Remember that though we do have expenses on the road, we do not have the expenses of daily life in the U.S. (car expenses, housing, phones, internet, cable, etc.). If you feel so inclined to help us out, we have many products available for purchase via our Amazon affiliate, in the Kindle bookstore, and on Zazzle.com. Every little bit helps!

What are you doing afterwards?

That’s the million dollar question. One of the reasons we decided to take this journey was to find a new place to call home. Though we enjoyed our time both in Southern California and on the Central Coast, it was time for us to find a new place to settle…or not settle. We will keep you posted!

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